Toranmal is perhaps one of the most peaceful places on earth. Toranmal falls in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, surrounded by Satpuda hills. Flanked by the 7 hills of the Satpuda range. It is one of those rare places which are not crowded by many people but the natural beauty deeply touches every visitor.

Narrow hill roads, fanned by thick wood, Toranmal, has beautiful lakes and old temples. Yashvant Lake is visited my many every year. It is a natural lake and offers breathtaking views of the hills. The Goraknath and Nagarjun temple are visited by thousands of pilgrims.


Unapdev (25 km from Shahada) is a pleasant picnic point in Shahada tehsil. It has a permanent natural hot water source, and it flows throughout the year from a structure in the shape of a cow's mouth.

Hot water fountain is one of the key attractions of Unapdev tourist place. Alike Unapdev, Sunapdev, Nijhardev are two other hot water breezes generated in Satpuda hills range. All these three places have special mention in ancient holy ‘Ramayana’ and had auspicious touch of Lord Rama during his fourteen years expulsion from Ayodhya.

Prakasha Dakshin Kashi

Prakasha Dakshin Kashi, is a pilgrim center in Nandurbar District of Maharashtra. It lies on the Shahada – Taloda route and is situated on the bank of the Tapi River. this village is also known as Dakshin Kashi, spiritually bounded and holy place to visit. It has 108 temples around the village.

Among which the most visited temple is kedareshwar. it is also known for its Dhawaj Parvani. It comes after every 12 years and held near the sangam of Gomai & Tapi river . This event is visited by lakhs of devotees.